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Updated February 2017

Paul Ulanowsky (1908-1968)
Accompanist, vocal coach, educator, scholar

For additional materials on his life, please reach me through the Contact link above.

Paul Ulanowsky (1908-1968), was one of the great Classical musicians and teachers of the mid-20th Century. This site, launched in June 2006, is here to offer a window into the life and work of my father. His unfinished book, The Arts of Song and Accompaniment, is published in full here, as is a discography. As new information and materials are obtained, they will be added, including photographs and more on his life and work.

Allow me to suggest two sites of interest:

Lotte Lehmann Foundation, where you can find some recordings which can be audited directly from the site. (Ulanowsky was Lehmann's "ideal accompanist" for 14 years.) Some of the recordings listed there which feature his playing are identified: Click on the upper right logo, then on a song. Some offer comments and translation, as well as identification of the accompanist. (The Schubert Winterreise songs are among them, as indicated on our Discography page.)

Gary Hickling's site, the Lotte Lehmann League, complements this, with a page on Ulanowsky and a number of photographs.

Numerous sites selling recordings, such as, also offer listening to brief samples. Search for Ulanowsky or use the Discography link at the top of this page.

Click here to view pages from a Dec. 6, 1942 program accompanying Lehmann at New York's Town Hall.

I hope you will enjoy these offerings. I welcome any questions, comments, anecdotes, or photo identifications (see Biography page) you may have.


Philip S. Ulanowsky



Paul Ulanowsky portrait

 ``I think the most important thing, is the honesty with which you try to identify yourself with the composer, or, when it comes to the vocal literature, with the composer and poet.

-- from a 1962 interview
with Studs Terkel
For more, use the  Quotes link, above or click here.


Recent Updates:

Audio! Two songs from a 1963 NY recital. See Audio Page

Previously unknown recordings from the University of Illinois (1946-66), where he taught. Also, 1952 recording with violinist Arthur Grumiaux. See Discography page.

Ulanowsky's commencement speech to the College-Conservatory of Cincinnati, 1962. See Biography page.

Childhood remembrances of musical life in Vienna, recounted by his sister. See Biography page.

Gallery additions.